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  • Sarah Gatehouse

    Sarah Gatehouse.

    Fujitsu General Australia

    "In 2016 we rolled out intelliHR, and in 2017 we had our best financial year yet. That makes a massive statement to show how valuable an investment in people and technology can be."

  • Sarah Gatehouse

    Sarah Gatehouse.

    Fujitsu General Australia

    "With the implementation of intelliHR, the improvements in our culture are clearly visible. intelliHR is a tool that helps with our strategic cultural goal of being a great place to work, with improved engagement, communication and goal management now well on track."

  • Belinda Maybury

    Belinda Maybury.

    Sheldon Commercial Interiors


    Since starting regular staff check-ins through intelliHR, we discovered how much more capability one staff member had than we initially thought. We have since assisted his career progression and conducted a remuneration review. The outcome was a happy employee feeling valued and appreciated. Without intelliHR prompting us to address this in real-time, we could have lost this valuable employee.




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AI Insights Power Great People Management


AI Insights Power Great People Management

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Configurable Intelli-Automation

Automate your tedious, manual tasks. The less administration you do, the more time you have to concentrate on those things that matter most.

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Belinda Maybury
Belinda Maybury
HR Manager, Sheldon Commercial Interiors
Belinda Maybury

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